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July 17, 2015 | GENERIC | 2676 views | no comments | Author: Alessio Williams Pastucci alessio williams pastucci

It is a pleasure to announce my website is now available online! I have been working on this website for years. I started thinking about it, its purpose, its design and many many other things… It took a lot of time to work on it and you are surfing the (maybe) final version I desire at this stage of my life.

It is electrifying to imagine that from every corner of the world you can type in your browser and land here.

Design is minimalist, I started adding more and more and then decluttering useless things; the same is for functionality. There should be only useful contents served in a good looking and modern design. Details are very important and I am a maniac about details.

What about

You may ask what ALWIPA stands for: well, my name is Alessio Williams and my surname is Pastucci, so now it should be clear the reason behind that strange nickname.

What is the purpose of this website?

It is intended to be my official online profile, a sort of business card, a place where you can find information about me and the public side of my life. You have access to my resume, it is possible to give a look at my portfolio where you can glance at some photos I shot, you can be updated about different topics through my blog and if you have pleasure to contact me, you are welcome!

Why English and not Italian?

I am Italian, I was born not so far from Milan and spent my life mainly living there, but I decided to use English for my website. This is a digital place, everyone with an internet connection potentially could visit this website so I thought to ease the access to the contents…and it is still a good exercise for a continuous and active improvement of my English.

What should we expect from

My idea is to give both static and dynamic contents: the latter is a real challenge, it is not enough to create a page and leave it there, I hope to update periodically the contents with interesting material.
I would really love to provide my ideas about market analyses, economy, finance, and also photography and technology.

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