Alessio Williams Pastucci

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Financial trading and technology

Financial trading and technology: the path I build and live each day is at the intersection of my passions.

I am Senior Functional/Software Analyst and Consultant in financial trading: at first I worked for a top tier Italian online bank (20 markets, thousands of financial instruments, daily average of 35000 orders, excellent performances measured in milliseconds on cash and derivatives, 35000+ private traders, also on margin trading), then for an important software house, where I had the possibility to work on different projects and top tier banking clients at the same time, mainly in financial trading but also on banking topics; now I work for another top tier Italian banking group, in an international context.

Why? Always engaged in financial markets: high school Diploma as Accountant, Business consultant and Programmer [94/100], then I broadened my knowledge studying for Undergraduate Degree in Business Economics [3y, 107/110] and Master Degree in Economics and Finance [2y, 107/110], where quantitative finance led me to publish both thesis about machine learning and automated strategies applied to financial trading.

I keep on learning! I attend many advanced courses related to financial trading and held by brokers, banks and senior professionals. 2013: FXCM Italy (July 10th), FXCM Big Conference in Milan with top traders and analysts (October 11th). 2014: “TOLexpo2014” in Borsa Italiana (Milan Stock Exchange). 2015: conference held at UniCredit Towers in Milan, about technical analysis, macroeconomics and certificates; “Trading School – Forex & CFD” held at ActiveTrades in Milan (May 29th and June 05th). 2017: “Solide Basi per un lungo e solitario viaggio” – Milan (January 28th and 29th), Swissquote Trading Tour with Marco Ciucci –  Milan (November 10th). 2018: Swissquote Trading Tour with Marco Ciucci – Bologna (May 11th).

Not only finance and IT. In the meantime I do not stop putting efforts as Teacher, helping people to be successful in their formation, both for private lessons and courses, where I am able to join the dots, developing my career and improving my skills by teaching mainly economics, finance and IT. Previously I collaborated with associations “”, “Associazione PMR446 Italia” where I also took part in charity events, and with the editorial staff of a local newspaper “il Paese Macherio”, helping especially with social media and photography.

I am strongly enthusiast about digital photography: 1000+ followers on my portfolio at, my personal website.

I travelled to many worldwide countries and I would love keep travelling in my life, discovering cities abroad, enjoying different cultures.
Currently based in Greater Milan Metropolitan Area




Requirements gathering, functional analysis and testing activities for Digital Channels department. Supporting IT manager in different projects in Demand&Solutions team.


MARCH 14th, 2022 – OCTOBER 14th, 2022 (Remote working – MILAN, ITALY) – Cegeka SPA (

Requirements gathering, functional analysis and testing activities (SIT execution and UAT support) for a top tier italian banking group instrument master data. Working with international development team.


JULY 30th, 2018 – MARCH 11th, 2022 (Remote working – MILAN, ITALY) – PAR-TEC SPA (PAR-TEC.IT)

From a single bank to an IT business which serves many important banks and other trading related businesses: working on multiple projects and clients at the same time, mainly about financial trading and also on banking topics.

Main projects and responsibilities:

  • providing support for internal software developers teams, being the entry point between them and many clients’ departments (IT and developers, functional analysts, business, UX and grapichs);
  • creating functional analysis documents to describe and analyse in detail business requirements; not only main documents, but also detailed documentation for specific topics which require a meaningful detail;
  • testing and bug tracking activity aiming to a fully working and quality software, troubleshooting and log analysis;
  • participation in project management meetings and activities, keeping track of projects progresses;
  • creation of a new online financial trading website, mobile trading apps, banking apps, a new online precious metals trading website, plus other minor activities.


OCTOBER 1st, 2015 – JULY 27th, 2018 (MILAN, ITALY) – TXT E-Solutions SPA (

Almost 3 years being a Functional Analyst in financial trading for a top tier Italian online banking group: 20 financial markets, thousands of financial instruments, daily average of 35000 orders, excellent performances measured in milliseconds on cash and derivatives, 35000+ private traders, also on margin trading. I worked in a continuous contact with Execution Desk, Middle Office, Business Analysts, UX designers, Developers and IT Architects, Customer Centre and many other teams, suppliers such as two international Brokers for cash and derivatives, Order Routing management, top international financial data provider, Derivatives Back Office and many more.

Main projects and responsibilities:

  • merge operation, only 6 months to create the 3rd Italian banking group, from initial definition and analysis to detailed work;
  • switch to a higher quality and leading worldwide real-time financial data provider, implementing new software and obtaining better performances by a fast and reliable financial data flow;
  • widening of commercial offer to new financial instruments: master data securities and negotiability;
  • improvements and new functions on websites, mobile (smartphones, tablets) and desktop advanced trading platforms: indexes and baskets of cash instruments, watchlists, push notifications, P&L;
  • multiple projects related to functional analysis and testing of front-ends and back-ends, databases, processes and procedures: migration from PL/SQL to Java code for derivatives trading; DB migration to updated Oracle DB version for Position Keeping; IT massive data balancing; tick size rules centralization for financial instruments, market changes (trading calendar management, market structures and working rules), order routing FIX messages maintenance; trading alerts and conditional orders on markets; securities borrowing; MiFID I & II, Bail-In;
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, 3rd and ultimate level support to Clients solving technical issues in production, in a fast, reliable and professional way; troubleshooting and log analysis.


SEPTEMBER 2012 – 2017 (LOMBARDY, ITALY) – Il-Cubo (

Individual lessons explaining some methods to study easily and efficiently, transmitting knowledge in subjects I learnt during my school career. I am still a member of the association, but I did most of the work during university time.

Call centre inbound operator

JULY 12TH, 2010 – september 24TH, 2010 (CONCOREZZO, ITALY) – visiant cC (

Technical and administrative assistance for Fastweb clients (office, mobile, both small and big businesses).

trainee in Analysis-Production area

june 22TH, 2009 – july 03TH, 2009 (MACHERIO, ITALY) – softeam srl (

Translating user manuals from English to Italian and testing of technologic products; warehouse activities.


Master’s degree in Economics and Finance

september 14TH, 2013 – July 21st, 2015 (MILAN, ITALY) – University of Milano-Bicocca (

Final grade: 107/110 – Thesis: “Forecasting Forex: theoretical methods, empirical analysis and responsibilities”.
Skills learnt: international financial markets, portfolio management, asset allocation, equity and interest rate derivatives, derivatives pricing, risk management, bank management, corporate finance, econometrics, statistics for finance, financial markets law, investment strategies, quantitative finance, trading. Scolarship in academic year 2014/2015.

Undergraduate degree in Business Economics

september 30TH, 2010 – july 16TH, 2013 (MILAN, ITALY) – University of Milano-Bicocca (

Final grade: 107/110 – Thesis: “Forex Market”. Curriculum in Economics for Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions. Scolarship in academic years 2010/2011 and 2012/2013.

HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Accountant, business consultant and programmer

september 2005 – july 1TH, 2010 (LISSONE, ITALY) – europa unita (

Final grade: 94/100 – Participation in 2009 edition of “Gara nazionale Mercurio” held in Macerata, Italy.



ECDL FULL (European Computer Driving Licence, IT 1101332 – May 22TH, 2007). Daily use of Microsoft Office.

Website creation: and Content management for

Languages (basic knowledge): FIX protocol, HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL (Big Data Analysis, Data Visualization), VB6, Pascal, C++, Python, MatLab, VBA, QuantLibXL.

Softwares: Position Keeping, HOST IBM 3270, FactSet, Bloomberg terminal, ALM, Portfolio123, EViews, Dynare, MetaTrader and other advanced trading platforms, WordPress. Oracle Siebel, Smile, Remedy and Eureka. Redmine, Mantis Bug Tracker, Jira. O.S. Windows (from 95 to the latests), Mac OS X, iOS, Android. Wide interest in technology, ready to learn more skills.


Italian: mother tongue.
English: level B2 (FCE Licence 103IT0102908, exam session March 2010). Daily personal and professional use.
Spanish, French: school level.

SOCIAL and soft skills, INTERESTS:

Associations “” (university professors), “Associazione PMR446 Italia” (also for charity events) “il Paese Macherio” (local newspaper; social media and photography). Licence radio amateur operator (call IZ2ZLX – 2013). 3 years violin course (6 months in school orchestra). Yearly animator for local parish. Relating and coordinating within a group, taking care of individual and group duties, in compliance with expirations, problem solving and handling stressful situations, interacting with clients, managing their administrative and technical issues, precision, communication skills and public speaking, initiative, and creativity. Strongly enthusiast about digital photography: 1000+ followers on my portfolio at I travelled to many worldwide countries and I would love to keep travelling in my life, discovering cities abroad, enjoying different cultures. Finally, I would like to keep learning more about financial markets.

Full Italian driving licence (March 2009).